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Wool Treatment Products
We carry the range of wonderful Australian made Tantech wool treatment products. This line of products consist of products for Scouring Wool, Washing Wool & Garments and also a Finishing wash for Felters. See below for our range of Tantech products. To purchase any of our wool treatment products go to our online shop.
Felting Finishing and Wool Wash
The Felting Finishing & Wool Wash is based on the Delicate Wash (See below) but also has Lanoline added to it to put back into the fibres some of the natural goodness that has been taken out through processing. This gives the felted product (or any wool product) a softness of touch as it re-juvinates the wool fibres. It has an added bonus of inhibiting pilling and the Tea Tree & Lemon Myrtle in it helps to inhibit any bugs that may want to make a meal of your garment. This product can also be used as a no rinse general laundry detergent or wool wash detergent. We leave this product in (do not rinse out) as the wash agents are bio-degradable & break down & it leaves the Lanoline, Lemon Myrtle and Tea Tree oil in the garment to give it a lovely soft feel, lovely lusture & and also deterrs moths. We wash all of our felt products in Felting Finishing and Wool Wash after we have funished the fulling process and also our own personal felt & wool products in on-going laundering.
To purchase our Felting Finishing and Wool Wash go to our online shop.
Delicate Wash
Delicate Wash, is a concentrate wool & natural fibrewash for washing wool and natural fibres including alpaca, mohair, possum, silk & cashmire and sheepskin and has been found to reduce the 'prickle' in coarser wools and wet wool smell. It may also used as a low allergenic general laundry detergent for allergy sufferers or people with sensitive skin. 
Delicate Wash is based on tanning technology to safely wash sheepskin without damage to the leather. Delicate Wash contains a blend of tea tree and lemon myrtle oils which have been proven effective against dust mite and pet allergen.
To purchase Delicate Wash go to our online shop.
 Fibre Scour
Fibre Scour is formulated to remove the 'grease' from wool and other natural fibres prior to Felting, Spinning or Dying. 
Fibre Scour is based on our Delicate Wash but has increased grease dispersing properties which removes the heavy lanolin grease in newly shorn wool. Fibre Scour leaves the fleece soft and clean, ready for use.
To purchase Fibre Scour go to our online shop.