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Being Australian made & from natural fibres, our products are much sought after in the giftware and souvenier industry from B&B's and small boutiques to Visitor Information Centres, where it is getting harder and harder to source locally made products. As our products are all hand made they have that little something special being a one of a kind hand made piece of Australia. Most of our products are extremely lightweight so they make great gifts to post or as souveniers for overseas travellers for they require very little space and weigh next to nothing. Particularly popular with travellers are our Scarves, Bookmarks & Brooches.
Any business who wishes to stock our products may apply for a wholesale status by filling in your log in details on our online shop and then go to contact us and provide us with a description of your business. When your application has been processed and approved your account will be updated to a wholesale account and your wholesale and Recommended Retail prices will then be displayed alongside the items when you log in. Our wholesale terms are pre-paid internet purchases. 
For larger orders of over 20 of our smaller items such as Bookmarks or Brooches or 12 larger items such as Slim Scarves etc it would be advised to contact us if you have a required delivery date. As our felted items are all hand made, larger orders may take a little longer to fill or an arrangment may be made to fill large orders by installments.
For bulk orders, individual items may be selected or random packages may be reqested e.g:
30 x Felted Bookmarks randomly selected or
20 x Slim nuno Merino wool & silk scarves of random colour blends or 
20 x Silm nuno scarves of random Wool, Silk & Alpaca blends or
10 x Medium nuno scarves of random Pure Merino wool blends or
5 x Slim nuno random Merino Wool & Silk Blends & 5 x Slim nuno random Merino Wool, Silk & Alpaca Blends
With bulk random orders we send out a random selection of different colour blend items.  This would give your customers a selection of colours to chose from as from experience you can never pick what the favourite colour of the next person to walk through your door will be. It would also take the guess work from you out of you trying to pick the right ones to order.
As we are a small business hand making our products we only have smaller items available for wholesale purchase..e.g Bookmarks, Brooches, Glasses Cases, Pulled Wool scarves and SLIM Nuno scarves, due to the time needed to fill orders of larger products. Should you wish to wholesale any of our larger products such as standard Medium Size Nuno scarves or Hats etc, please contact us and we will see if we can accommodate your needs.
Please feel free to contact us to discuss any wholesale questions you may have by emailing us at info@garmentsandgadgets.com.au or phoning Jenny: 0419212476 or Clare: 0439932132.