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Wet Felting Supplies:
Although one of the beauties of wet felting is the minimal equipment required for the craft, some things just make the job easier or better. For some of the 'tools of the trade' that we use and highly recommend go to Gadgets page. Any equipment for wet felting that we recommend and supply that does not really fit into the Gadgets catagory we have listed below. As we do, we have researched these product lines and found what we believe to be the best for their application, we then use them for ourselves and make them available to others. To purchase any of these products go to our online shop.
Olive Oil Soap:
O-Live Natural Unscented Olive Oil Soap:
This soap is excellent for wet felting. It is suitable for all skin types, particularly highly sensitive & problematic skin and as it is gentle and nourishing on your skin, so too it is also gentle and nourishing to the fibre you are felting. (containins no artificial colours or perfumes). Should you wish to purchase some O-Live soap please go to our online Shop.

Ingredients: 100% virgin olive oil, distilled water

100g Bar

Resist Material
We have found this resist material the best for felting as it retains shape enough to keep the felt apart whilst rolling but is flexible enough to allow your article to shrink down. If care is taken not to cut the resist when removing from felted article then this material can be re-used time and time again. Due to the sometimes difficult nature of posting such materials we generally only sell this product in small quantities through our on-line Shop or larger quantities in-store on location. However should you wish to have some posted to you, please contact us and we will look into costing for you for the amount you require.
Bubble Wrap 
We stock a range of various size bubble wrap as we believe it is best to have the appropriate size tools for each job. Due to the difficult nature & expense in postage for the bubble wrap it is only available for purchase in store on location not via the web. 
The sizes we stock are:
1500mm wide
750mm wide
500mm wide
375mm wide