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Truesome is Australian country music singing duo Clare Parslow and Jenny Lewis, both singer songwriters who just love country gospel music and travelling the country sharing it.  Australian country gospel music has a unique sound with more of the celtic influence seeping through than the American country and western style. We have a passion for country worship and also enjoy writing and singing songs that have a message and leave people with something to think about. We do not see ourselves as performers, rather we see our music as part of our ministry, sharing a message of challenge and hope or leading people into a deeper relationship with God through worship. Like God we are totally non-denominational, working in with Churches and groups of any Christian influence.
                         Clare Parslow                                                                      Jenny Lewis
 Jenny & Clare with guest artist Josie                Jenny with Friends USA Country
                       at Tom Price WA                                   Gospel artists Chester & Isolina

      A common pose for Jenny during a tour