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Personal Care Products

Below is our range of personal care products. As stated in our introduction page, our skin is the largest organ of our body so we need to be careful what we put on it as it can absorb chemicals from whatever we wear or put on it. As this not only goes for our clothes, we have sourced some wonderful natural products in the personal care range. We only sell what we use in this range so can personally recommend these products and testify to the great results they bring. An added bonus is these products are all made right here in Australia. Should you wish to purchase any of these products please go to our online shop.
Talinga Grove     
Talinga Grove take their beautiful extra virgin olive oil and blend it with other natural plant butters, waxes and essential oils to create a range of products to pamper your face, hand and body.
Extra virgin olive oil has been used by women of all ages for centuries as one of natures finest and most natural moisturisers. Emollient and conditioning, extra virgin olive oil protects the skin while at the same time letting it "breathe" and maintain its natural moisture levels.
These products are truly food for the skin. Click here to see our range of Talinga Grove products.
O-Live Soap
This is the same soap we use in our wet felting process however it's initial development and usual use is for bathing. As this is fragrance free and made only from pure 100% virgin olive oil and distilled water it is suitable for all skin types, particularly highly sensitive and problematic.

To purchase our O-Live Natural Soap go to our online shop.
Natural Olive Oil Soap Factory - Bath Products 
The Natural Olive Oil Soap Factory hand blend several varieties of beautiful, luxurious body products, using natural and organic ingredients, pure Margaret River rainwater, and the finest ingredients such as cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil and pure plant extracts making their products gently on sensitive skin. Click here to see our range of Natural Olive Oil Soap Factory products.