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Our Ministry - 'To criss cross Australia in Prayer & Song'
The Prayer:
We believe in active informed prayer and 'praying without ceasing' as the scriptures encourage us to do, so rather that locking ourselves away to pray in a room we pray anywhere, any time, anyhow the Lord leads as we travel this great land. We believe that we are to pray FOR our enemies as Jesus taught us to, so if we are to pray FOR our emenies, that does not leave us anyone to pray against. So we pray God's will into situations and circumstances that we encounter daily, allowing God to lead us and direct us in our prayers for this land, its leaders and any issues that arise.
The Song:
Being both country gospel singer/songwriters and having a passion for country gospel music we love to worship God through song and encourage other country gospel artists to release their giftings. We in no way see ourselves as entertainers, rather sharers of God's message, bringing hope, encouragement and challenges through song. We also have a passion to worship and love worshipping God with likeminded people. We never charge for our concerts, sometimes passing the hat around for an offering. We see song/music as a universal language that crosses all barriers and is a great non threatening way to share a message in a welcoming environment that people enjoy. Like God we are totally non denominational and will sing or speak at any Christian church or group following a request, opportunity and a release from the Lord to do so.
The Ministry Through Business:
We have found that the business God lead us to set up is not only to help to finance us but also opens up many doors for our form of 'friendship ministry'. As a part of our business we run felting workshops which give us on average approximately 6-7 hours face to face with 1-4 students at a time (usually ladies but not always, sometimes men) in a relaxed, social environment. In this time we are able to have many opportunities to encourage and speak truth into their lives and individual circumstances as we socially 'chat' away, leaving them with more to think about than just the felting technique they have learnt. We believe that our lives and our words should reflect Christ in all that we do and say and that we should live the Gospel so that others can see it's true. We find that by genuinely caring and speaking the truth in love, people will usually recieve what you have to say and being in a non threatening or directly challenging environment, they then can process anything they have heard in their own time & make appropriate choices, or seek more information during their next workshop or visit. We have met many lovely people, formed some lovely friendships and have sown many many seeds of truth.
The Bus:
As mentioned in the about us page the bus is really the only vehicle that would possibly fit us and all that we do both in space required and weight capacity required. God really had to stretch us to to even contemplate such a large motorhome at first as we started out thinking we would get a 25ft one and at first 40ft and tag axels was way out of the question and a double decker was not even on the blip screen!...but in hindsight as usual....God knew best!
Now we are also aware that the bus is an advertising billboard that any evangalist would just love to have. as it is a great drawcard for people to come and talk to us asking about the bus and what we are doing and of course we cannot talk about the 'what's'  without the 'why's'. So we get to share about our mission and purpose to people who we may not under normal circumstances meet, plus again it is in a non threatening environment and with Country Gospel Network written on the side of the bus, it is no surprise to them that we are Christians.
Our 'Tent Making' Business:
The business Garments & Gadgets is basically besides a door opener as just mentioned, our  'tent making business' that helps us to feed our bus and ourselves and keep us on the road. You can support us  greatly by remembering us next time you have a gift to buy as our web site has a secure shopping cart and we have a range of handmade gifts available as well as our beautiful scarves and other garments.... We are also always open to any gifts of support that people can offer as the Lord leads them. This enables us to spend less time and energy on making the money required to keep us going and put more time and energy on the Ministry side which is where our passion is and where God's heart is...the people.
Another way you can support us is to please pray for our ministry. Please pray for, Wisdom, Opportunities, Finance and most importantly that the Lords will be done it all that we do.
Thank you & may God bless you abundantly. 
Clare & Jenny