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Needle Felting
Needle felting is done using a needle with barbs formed along the blade which when pushed into fibres, transport some of the fibres interlocking them together producing the 'felt'. (see what is felt for more information.) The needles used in needle felting are actually produced for industrial purposes hence there is an enormous variety of different needles available. We have researched and tested various needle felting needles to identify the best suited needles for each needle felting application as the needles that are best suited to sculpture work differ from those that are best suited for embellishing work and so on. So we have taken all the guesswork and hard work out of selecting the right needles for you and supply a range of needles and sets that are perfect for each application. We believe that if you have the right tools and equipment for the project you are undertaking then not only is the enjoyment of doing each project enhanced but the finished result is far more rewarding.
We are pleased to say we have sourced a fabulous needle felting holder which is made in Australia and is the best we have used. It is made from lightweight Aluminium and the grooves for the needles have been precision machined, unlike similar wooden needle holders that are drilled, so the needles are perfectly aligned and run straight paralell to each other, minimising resistance from the fibres as the needles penetrate and minimising needle breakage. The felting needles are easy to insert & remove and the holder can be used with any number of needles in it from 1 for fine work to 6 for quicker results on larger projects.
We also supply armature wire for forming up scultures and washaway for easily re-creating pictures or photos into a wonderful felted masterpiece.
To purchase a needle felting tool, needles or other needle felting accessories go to our online shop  
Above left is a picture of our needle felting holder being used for 3D sculpturing and above right for embellishing. The light weight and contured shape of the holder fits beautifully in the hand like a pen, to give precise action & control to the needle as well as being very comfortable to use.  If you prefer 3D Sculpturing, the Emu on the right is just a sample of what you can soon be making with needle felting. Try it, it's great fun !                                                
Emu Head needle felted ready to wet felt onto article or garment.  
You can freeform draw onto washaway like this piece has been or you can trace a design then simply colour in the design with fibres using a needle felting holder & needles, felting the design directly onto a jumper, cussion cover, felt batt etc without needing to sew a stitch, then  simply as the name states 'wash away' the material & you are left with a felted masterpiece. See the Ashford Book of Needle Felting for some great ideas on needle felting using washaway. To purchase an Ashford book of Needle Felting, some washaway, or any of our needle felting supplies, go to our online shop.                                                                                       
Needle felted Gumnut felted onto wet felted leaves                                                          
Australian Made Needle Felting Holder
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Armature Wire
Armature Wire is a very soft pliable wire used for forming up 3D sculpture pieces before needle felting fibre around them. We supply Armature wire both in 1.6mm diameter wire and 3mm diameter  wire in 3 metre long coils. To purchase some Armature wire go to our online shop.