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We have both Nuno Scarf Kits and Also Needle Felting Kits.

Our Nuno kits are made up to take all the stress out of the preparation of projects for you as we have done the gathering together of materials on your behalf. These kits also offer a great replacement for inspiration when it is sometimes hard to find. Like all of our product range we will be adding to our range of kits as time progresses, so stay tuned to see any updates as we add them. To purchase any of our kits or see the current selection available please go to our online shop.
Nuno Scarf Kits
Our nuno scarf kits come in 2 sizes and many different colour and fibre combinations. The sizes are Medium Scarf which makes a nuno felted scarf approx 2m x 26cm and our Slim Scarf which makes a nuno felted scarf approx 1.5m x 18cm. The nuno scarf kits contain a scarf length of tissue silk (felting fabric) 2.4m x 30cm for medium & 1.8m x 20cm for slim and an appropriate length sliver of fibre approx 3m for medium & 2m for slim. Our standard kits come with black or white tissue silk (felting fabric) and our specialty kits come with hand dyed tissue silk (felting fabric) to add that unique touch and highlight the different colours in the selected fibres used.
Standard kits (with black or white silk felting fabric) can be made to order using any of our extensive fibre range and selecting whether you would like black or white silk felting fabric with them. Our specialty kits will be put up for sale on our online shop as they are created and as they have hand dyed silk felting fabric, the scarves will have that extra touch of uniqueness when finished and will be an original 'one of a kind' creation. Below is a sample of some of the nuno kits we provide, to securely purchase these or any of our kits go to our online shop.
    Fibre: MS 08/05 Wool & Silk          Fibre: MAS 00/34 Wool, Silk & Alpaca        Fibre: MS 08/05 Wool & Silk
         Fabric Colour : White                          Fabric Colour: White                            Fabr Colour: White
Fibre: MAS 00/30 Wool, Silk & Alpaca   Fibre: MAS 00/37Wool, Silk & Alpaca     Fibre: WB 07/28 Pure Wool
              Fabric Colour: Black                         Fabric Colour: Black                            Fabric Colour: Black
Needle Felting Kits
We have put together needle felting kits that contain the items required for needle felting from Beginners to Advanced. To see our range and to purchase any of our kits please go to our online shop.