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Our range of gadgets consists of anything that we personally use and have found to be a useful, enjoyable or a time preserving product. To purchase any of these products please go to our online shop. Stay tuned to this page to see more gadgets as we add them.
Power Sprayer
The power sprayer is a battery operated hand sprayer used to spray a solution of soapy water onto your project during wet felting. The power sprayer avoids the aching RSI effect to your hand and wrist from standard hand sprayers and gives you much more control over your water quantity and placement than wetting with a milk bottle or the likes with holes in the lid. This enables you to use much less water on your felting project and gain a better result as well as making the felting process more enjoyable. The power sprayer fits most 2 and 5 litre containers (we recommend a juice or cordial bottle as they tolerate hotter water) and is powered by 4 x AA batteries. We recommend using rechargable batteries to minimise continual costs. To securely purchase a power sprayer please go to our online shop.
Digital Timer
We use a digital timer to monitor our rolling whilst felting. We find that using a timer instead of the usual 'counting rolls' makes the felting process much more enjoyable, enabling you to carry out a conversation, watch TV or 'waft off'' into a daydream designing your next felting process whilst you are rolling your current one. This is much more enjoyable than having to concentrate on counting how many rolls you have completed, it also overcomes the short attention span & lost counts when the phone rings. On most sizeable projects we roll for 3 minutes each sequence but the time can be varied according to the piece you are felting. This versatile timer can be used for other applications too, such as a kitchen timer or phone call timer, making it a handy gadget to have around the house. The multi position back makes it very adaptable for any situation as it has a easel type stand position for table top use, a belt clip, a hanging position and a handy magnet to use it on the refrigerator. It also has a huge digital screen so you can clearly see how much time left at any time without ferreting for your glasses. To securely purchase one of our timers please go to our online shop.
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