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Embellishing/Needle Felting Machines
The Embellishing machine or Needle felting machine as it is also called looks like a sewing machine without any thread, instead it has 5 needle felting needles installed in it and acts just like the hand felting tool (see needle felting for more information), interlocking the fibres, without the physical effort required by the user. They are a wonderful way of putting embellishements onto clothing or articles such as bags, cussion covers etc. They are great to use in conjunction with hand needle felting as you can get fine detail in your design with the hand needle felting and then use the embellishing machine to securely attach your design to your article of clothing or item as the barbs on the needles interlock the fibres eliminating the need for any thread or sewing. They are a great way to spruce up that old garment or bag by simply & quickly embellishing on yarn for decoration or embellishing more elaborate decorations such as pictures or patterns onto your garment or item.
We stock the Merrylock embellishing maching which has 5 needles that can be independantly replaced or used in any number configuration. To securely purchase a Merrylock embellishing machine go to our online shop.