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Carding Equipment and Drop Spindles

We carry a range of Ashford Carding equipment so you can get more out of your fibre experience by blending your own colours or making fantastic colourful batts with the drum carder, which is a great way to use up all those odds and ends and create something unique. Or if you have your own fleece or access to some raw fleece, it is very useful to prepare the fleece ready for felting or spinning. So if you're a felting enthusiast and would like to make your own batts or would like to make your own slivers for spinning we have the right carder for you.
We also carry drop spindles for those wanting to easily and inexpensively spin small quantities of fibre for small projects... or just for the challenge and fun of it... Go ahead, give it a go! To purchase any of these products please go to our shop.

Click here to see our range of carders 
Drop Spindles 
Click here to see our range of drop spindles