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Bisheila is our fashion label for our fine handcrafted garments and accessories which are all  made by us right here in Australia, We use only natural fibres in our products for we believe that what we wear needs not only to look and feel good it also needs to be good for you. Natural fibres allow your body to breathe and as the skin is the largest organ of the body, chemicals from anything we put on our bodies can be absorbed into our skin. Our aim is not only to create unique individual hand crafted garments and accessories but to maintain an element of class with every design, being conscious of drape and endeavouring to make some of the finest felted garments available on the market today, made right here in Australia from some of the best natural fibres available. To view some of our Bisheila creations go to our Felted Garments Page. To see our current items available or securely purchase any of our garments and accessories go to our online shop.